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Competition Result : 26 Nov 2017, Growling Frog
Last comp of the year was very close to being cancelled due to lightning and thunder right above us. After closely checking the radar we decided to wait a bit. The worst passed and we started. During the round we had occasional rain (at the end some lightning and thunder but not close), so better than we thought. At the tenth there was a hold up - two groups decided to have a lunch break after nine so they started the 10th a lot later than was expected. Unfortunately they came to the 10th just before us...
Leaderboard before the round today: Johan 193 points (there is something wrong with the adding up - only 5 scores highlighted), Stefan 187 points, Bjarne 186 points and Roger 183 points, Christer 182 points.
Christer had a good round today with 36 points - had a 23 to replace to finish on 195 points - 2nd in the leaderboard.
Johan had 34 points - had a 29 to replace ending up on 199 points - defending his lead. Congratulations to the back to back win.
Our guests - Gregory and Fabio both had 32 points - due to lower handicap Gregory got 3rd place today.
Bjarne had 30 points - had a 24 to replace so defending his 3rd place with 192 points.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
The January comp will take place 21st of Jan. See you there.

Position Player Handicap Points Strokes

No result registered.

Hole Player
2Mark Haldane
5Johan Gantin
12Christer Olofsson
16Gregory Ien

Hole Player
8Mark Haldane

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